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Reach your financial goals with Noir Excel by becoming equipped with adequate knowledge and insight to help make informed financial decisions.

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About Noir Excel

Noir Excel is a financial services company that aims to help its members reach their financial goals, by equipping them with knowledge and insight to make accurate financial decisions.

Our next seminar is on Saturday 26th of January 2019, from 11:30am - 3:00pm

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putting excellence first

It is well known that financial advice in the UK can be expensive and this leads people not to seek financial advice. Knowing this, Noir Excel created a process that is affordable to all. 

It is our mission to provide access to financial education for the general public, in order to enable people to make better choices when faced with financial decisions.

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Areas of interest

Financial Education

Financial education is all about teaching attendees principles of financial planning.
This is done in two forms; Seminars & Masterclasses

  • Seminars

    Seminars last up to five hours depending on areas being covered and give attendees the basic principles of financial planning.

    Topics covered: mortgages, pension, family protection, investments, property, savings and credit repair.

    These seminars are informal and allow attendees to ask questions as they go through the presentation.

    Seminars normally have 20+ attendees.

  • Masterclasses


    Masterclasses last up to 3 hours and focus on one specific area.

    These classes are more formal than seminars but still allow attendees to interact, ask questions and reaffirm their understanding.

    Masterclasses are typically reserved for approximately 10 attendees to allow a more focused session.

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Our members have a direct line of contact to a personal consultant and advisor. Please drop us a line to let us know how we can be of service to you.

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